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The Social Service organisation DSSVAS started education centres in many parts of Delhi from 1999.
According to it's project officer, Dssvas has arrived in helping socially and educationally disadvantaged families and their children to get them education. As the organisation believes that educating the children of India would allow strengthen our nation and place India in progressive path for ever, DSSVAS help the GOvt. where it could not reach and implement it's various schemes, due to large population. He called upon all philonthropists to participates in this effort of DSSVAS to spread the light of Education.

The aim of DSSVAS is to provide good education in various groups, Which includes :-

1.) Basic education for children
2.) Knowledge of Computer to deprived children of society.
3.) Make children's self dependant by knowledge of Tailoring and Beautician.
4.) To conduct welfare activities for children, women and old age persons of poor sections of society.
5.) To spread the message of National Integration.
6.) To run vocation training cum production centers for Urban and rural poorer as income generation programme.
7.) To organize training programes seminars, workshops to create public opinion and motivation for general awareness among te people.

Dssvas is Providing them :-

1.) education
2.) moral education
3.) nutrition
4.) computer education
5.) cloth and dress
6.) school bags and shoes with education based material like books etc.

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