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DSSVAS is not only working for children but also concerned with destitute elders who faces age-related problems in the society. It has conceptualised a project for elders- 'SABKA EK MALIK - OLD AGE HOME'
The details are as under: It is nature's will that one has to accept the ageing. In this process the physical and mental strenghts denigrate with the age. It becomes difficult for humans to face day-to-day's challenges. Even the family people who finds it difficult to manage the elders, leave them at God's will. These elders are left with no option but to accept the loneliness. At this stage DSSVAS extends God's helping hand in providing them required relief. The programme is as below:


1.) To help series citizens physically and extend moral support.
2.) To solve problems, faced by a elders.
3.) To keep them hale and healthy organise small programmes.
4.) To revive then interest in life viz. Learn and teach, cook then own foods and cleanliness.
5.) To create family atmosphere and in still confidence in them that our volunteers and their loved-ones.


1.) To create required infrastructure.
2.) To involve large no of people and give rehabilitation and relief.
3.) Trained personnel to be recuited in order to help achieving the aim of the society.
4.) Daily needs of Ashram in mates to be met with satisfactory with honorable feelings.
5.) Encourage some creative/productive activities in the Ashram to earn money for their pocket expenses and to develop hobbies.
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